Codebase : Sexy Way to Manage Code Snippets.

What is Codebase?

Codebase is a code snippet management tool. It has 2 parts – 1. Server side code 2. Dreamweaver extension.


Following like demonstrates how Codebase will function.

View codebase

How can I use it?

  1. Host Codebase
  2. Add snippets – Eg:”header”
  3. Install Dreamweaver extension
  4. Add server path to Codebase settings form DW commands menu [Commands > codebase > codebase settings] eg:
  5. Type h:header- to insert HTML of a snippet named “header”.

Dreamweaver extension

Dreamweaver extension

Dreamweaver extension

Where I can download the code?

Both server and Dreamweaver extension is opensource and can be downloaded from github.

View on Github