Mac OSX Shortcuts

I’m using both windows and mac. Sometimes I missed up with keyboard shortcuts. Both OS has its own plus and minus. Enter/Return key opens a folder in windows but it renames file/folder in mac, in windows double clicking on titlebar maximize window, but same thing minimizes window in mac (you have to enable it from preference > doc – “Double-click a windows titlebar to minimize”).

Global shortcuts

Quickly open finder

cmd + opt + spacebar = win + E

Open Finder

Close window cmd+w = crtl + w

Show desktop fn + f11 = win + D

Lock screen shift + ctrl + power = win + L

Force quit applications cmd+opt+esc = ctrl+shift+esc

Force Quit

Switch between opened application cmd+tab = ctrl+tab / win+tab

Switch between same application window cmd + ~

Increase volume or brightness by quarter increment shift+option+f12 – volume shift+opton+f2 – brightness


Show/Hide – Dock opt+cmd+D

Screen capture shift + cmd + 3 shift + cmd + 4

Finder shortcuts

Mac automatically refreshes every folder when something modifies [fails sometimes]. One annoying thing when working with finder is icons are not arranging automatically to grid.

There are a few ways to arrange items in finder. Clean up command will snap item to grid. Following key stocks will arrange items in a nice way and these are roughly equal to ‘Refresh’ (F5) in windows.

cmd+opt+1 – clean up by name
cmd+opt+2 - clean up by kind
cmd+opt+5 - clean up by date modified
cmd+opt+6 - clean up by size
cmd+opt+7 - clean up by type

Tip 1: Drag and release folder while pressing cmd will arrange folder/files to grid. Tip 2 : Press opt key & right click -> ‘Arrange by’ will change to ‘Sort by’. You can sort using name, kind, size etc..

Clean up by

Go to folder cmd+shift+G network cmd + K using terminal open Parent folder cmd + uparrow open folder cmd+down back cmd+[ forward cmd+]

Open folder cmd + downarrow or cmd+o = enter

Duplicate a file/folder cmd+D

Open a folder in terminal from finder. You can use either Drag n Drop folder into terminal icon or enable service “New terminal at folder” from Preference > keyboard. Right click on any folder and select “New terminal at folder” from the context menu.

Open a folder in terminal from finder

Open current folder from terminal to finder

$ open .

Open folder

Hidden screencast tool

Quicktime has a screen capture tool.

Quicktime screencast

Automator tips

Automator Mac

Automator is a tool that helps to automate repeated tasks.

Automator mac

Copy file path

Some times you need to copy the path of a specified folder or file. You can use automator to copy the path.

  1. Open automator
  2. Select services
  3. Change – “service receives selected” to “file or folder” in application to “Finder“.
  4. Type “copy” in the filter section and drag n drop – “Copy to clipboard” to the workflow pane.
  5. Save it as – “Copy file path”.

Copy file path Automator mac

Now you can right click on any folder/file and can copy path. Assign a keyboard shortcut from Preference > keyboard.

Change image size

Change image size Automator mac

Batch renaming files

Batch renaming files Automator


maximize window Right zoom is a little free tool that converts mac’s default maximize behavior to maximize window to all available screen space.

Quick look plugins Do a 3 finger tap on any file will reveal a quick view with some basic info. You can extend its capabilities using plugins. Check quick look plugin to find more details.

Quick look plugins


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